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SeaBA Mod

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Welcome To SeaBA Mod
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This mod is a water-styled blood map Similar to CBA Hero but in Water and Units became Ships.For more information, tips, guides and screenshots, visit: =V= Sea-BA Hero V9 Guide_________________________________________
"Sea-BA Hero"
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Updates Log
V1.5:.Techs can use in DocksV1.5:.fixed cliffs and spawn bugs___V2:.add new ship to 800 kills (Imperial Galleon )___V2.5:.Fixed some bugsV2.5:.Advanced Statistics Turning on during playing :) (In Sea-BA Hero Map)___V3:.Byzantine have his own ship (Byzantine ship) Last --> Fire shipV3:.Docks attack as like castles (12 attack + 9 range)V3:.New tech in your dock At Imperial Age <-power docks-> (To increase Docks Hp +1000 )___V3.5:.New ship (Lead Ship) To Spanish and Turks V3.5:.Teutons Have Dragon Ship (Last Light Fire Ship)V3.5:.Huns Have Catapult Trireme (Last Fire Ship)___V4:.New Ship (Aztecs Ship) to Aztecs Civilization V4:.Fix Attack and Armor To (Admiral Yi Sun-Shin)V4:.Fix Attack and Armor and reload Time To (Galleon)V4:.Techs Can Use In Docks (Elite Unique Units) & (Spies/Treason) V4:.Can Upgrade your Ships from BlacksmithsV4:.New Tech in Imperial Age (Stronger Ships)(-20% Attack Reloading Time to Ships)___V4.3:.Cannon Galleon (-20 HP & -3 AP & -4 Range)V4.3:.Fix Some Bugs In The MapV4.3:.New Map "Sea-BA V1" Without Heroes ___V4.5:.Edit Middle Area to be in good side (No Right or Left)V4.5:.Edit Spawn time for all unique units and some shipsV4.5:.Gates Replaced in Build menu into Sea GatesV4.5:.Edit Franks Imp Age to be in 500 kills (last 450)V4.5:.Edit Aztecs Imp Age to be in 450 kills (last 400)V4.5:.Edit Goth Imp Age to be in 450 kills (last 500)V4.5:.Edit Byz Castle Age to be in 250 kills (last 300)___V5:.New Map StyleV5:.Ships became More BalanceV5:.New Graphics and TechsV5:.Units removed -it's ships only-V5:.One Ship to each CivilizationV5:.New ships added___V5.1:.Fix some bugsV5.1:.Teutonic Ship changed to Infantry ship________________________________________________Made BY :: Ghost_0SP. Thanks for help to:: _EmP3rOr_Special Thanks to:: GallasRegards: Ghost_0
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