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Spectator Dashboard

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Spectator Dashboard 2 provides real-time information and statistics while you spectate a game or watch a recorded game.当你看局或者看录像时,这个插件提供实时信息和数据。UsageMOD的用法
  1. Install mod.安装MOD
  2. While watching a game, type "!dash" or "!dashboard[/b]" into the chat, and the dashboard webpage will open in your default browser. You can then bookmark the page and open it whenever you want. It will always show the current game.在看局的时候,在聊天里面打"!dash" 或者 "!dashboard" ,会打开这个观察板的网页,你可以做标记留给以后作为书签,书签里面会一直显示现在你做标记的这个局。
  3. Cycle the in-game overlays between overview/economy/military/transactions with F4.用F4键切换 全局-经济-军事-贸易/进贡
  4. Cycle the in-game overlay between all/tables/off with F11.用F11键切换 显示所有-只显示数据-不显示
  5. Move overlays by holding Shift and using arrow keys. Repeat for next overlay.按住shift键,用↑↓←→来移动面板
  6. Change font size by holding Shift and pressing + or -.按住shift,按+,—来放大或缩小字体
  • Research Timeline: Shows progress of current researches and history of past researches. Includes start and finish times, taking into account civilization bonuses. Canceled researches will be crossed out. If a building is destroyed while researching, this won't be detected.科技时间线:显示正在研究的科技和已经研究的科技,包括点下去的时间和研究好的时间。已经算上了民族特色,被取消的科技会被划去。如果升级科技的建筑被打掉,这个MOD不知道(仍然以为在研究)
  • Map: Overlays animated heatmap onto map that shows locations of recent player activity. Marks location of gold, stone, fish, berries, and relics. Marks player start position, including nomad starts based on first TC.地图:显示每个玩家在地图的活跃程度。标注黄金 石头 鱼 果子 遗迹的位置,标记玩家出生点位(游牧的话显示第一个TC的位置)
  • Chat: Allchat and teamchat. Enemy team chat also available if spectating in real-time.对话:<ALL>聊天和队伍聊天。如果你在看局(直播局),敌人聊天也能看到
  • Player Summary
    • Population: Total population, military, and economic. 人口:总人口,军事人口,经济人口
    • Kills/Losses 杀敌数/死亡数
    • APM: Plots relative APM over time. It shows the instantaneous APM (total actions taken in the prior 60 seconds). The following actions are counted: Research, Attack, Move, Flare, Buy, Sell, Formation, and Build. Other actions are not attributable to players, and it does not measure every key press or click. APM(手速):显示即时APM(最近60秒内的总操作数)。以下操作被算进去了:研究科技,攻击,移动,地图上标X,买卖,改变队形,建造。其他的不算在APM里面。
    • Current Age当前时代
    • Castles城堡数量
    • Current resources现存资源
    • Civilization文明
    • Percent explored
  • Economy
    • Starting resources: Lists total and per-player resources available on the map, broken down by resource type and source. 开局资源:列出所有的和每个玩家在整张图上可用的资源,四种资源分开来列出
    • Villager allocation: How many villagers are working on each resource. MM分配:每项资源里面有多少个MM在采集
    • Idles: Villagers and fishing ships空闲:农民和渔船
    • Total resources collected资源采集总量
    • Market use买卖总数
    • Sling进贡总数
    • Gold breakdown:
      • Relics: Number of relics controlled, and total gold earned. 遗迹:家里遗迹数量,总共黄金产量
      • Trade carts: Number of trade carts, and total gold earned. 贸易马车:马车数量,总共的黄金产量
      • Market: Gold purchased at market. 市场:黄金购买量
      • Tribute: Gold gained via tribute.
  • Military
    • Kills: Kills/Losses between each player.杀敌:杀敌数/死亡数
    • Razes: Razes/Losses between each player.摧毁建筑:摧毁建筑数/被毁建筑数
    • Units by Type
  • Metrics
    • Efficiency: These numbers are best used as relative comparisons.
      • Villager idle time: Total seconds of villager idle time.MM空闲时间:总共空闲的秒数
      • Gather efficiency: Actual resources gathered divided by optimal amount (optimal is number of villager work seconds multiplied by resource gather rate). 采集效率:总采集量/(农民工作秒数 * 固有采集速率)
      • Trade cart efficiency: Actual gold obtained divided by optimal amount (optimal is markets at maximum distance with no obstacles).
    • Ratios: Presented in decimal format, larger being better. Damage is the value of units and buildings lost. Spending is the total amount of resources spent on buildings, units, and research.
      • K/D: Total kills divided by total deaths. 击杀比:杀敌数/死亡数
      • Control: Greater than 1: primarily attacking. Less than 1: primarily defending. log scale. 控制:大于1:先攻击。小于1:先防御(先被打)。再用对数函数作用后显示
      • ROI: Return on investment: Damage inflicted divided by spending. exponential scale. ROI(钱花对了多少):对方的损失/自己的花费。再用指数函数作用后显示
      • Damage: Damage inflicted divided by damage sustained. 损失比:对方的损失/自己的损失
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